Ready to sell with RFID

Wolky Shop is a specialty (mono-label) store selling Wolky shoes, with eight stores in the Netherlands and one in Germany, as well as two international webshops. Wolky shoes are high-quality products that are widely renowned for their design and comfort. Wolky Shop has an online and high-street presence for almost 15 years and expects a gradual expansion of its physical stores and e-commerce in the years to come.


At Wolky Shop, the total inventory in the stores and the distribution centre is also the stock of the webshops. Due to a permanent increase in webshop sales and inter-store traffic, inefficient procceses and inaccuracies in the ERP stock data frequently led to out-of-stock situations. Therefore, Wolky Shop was looking for a solution to significantly raise the stock accuracy.


Wolky Shop rolled out Nedap’s !D Cloud solution to eliminate ‘no sale’ in its stores and webshops by taking inventory more frequently and more accurately. Wolky Shop started with a pilot in two stores over a period of twelve weeks, whereby the stock accuracy rose from 84% to 98%. Based on these positive results, Wolky Shop implemented the solution in all its stores.

In a very short period of time, we have gained an insight into the causes of the differences between the administrative and the actual stock present in two stores. We have reduced these differences to a minimum and have continued to reduce them by quick, frequent stocktaking. The result is accurate stock with less ‘no sale’ and fewer disappointed customers, which in this day and age is key to holding our own against the competition.

– Tom van Geemen, CEO at Wolky Shop