!D Cloud & fixed RFID readers

The !D Cloud solution with fixed  RFID overhead readers built on the Impinj platform and Nedap !D Cloud software platform allows retailers to achieve optimal merchandise availability for their customers and in-store inventory accuracy of over 98%. Retailers can reconcile in-store inventory with existing ERP systems and prioritize in-store replenishment tasks for RFID tagged inventory not currently on shelves. The solution requires fixed RFID overhead readers that are installed throughout your stores.

24/7 inventory updates
The Impinj platform and Nedap !D Cloud application provide retailers 24/7 inventory updates that can be reconciled with existing ERP systems. !D Cloud allows access on any web browser and builds on the Impinj platform including ItemSense™ software which provides Item Intelligence and  xArray® gateways for always-on connectivity. The joint solution from Impinj and Nedap eliminates pain points associated with incorrect shipments, administrative errors and faulty ERP data.


What are the key differences between RFID solutions using handheld readers and fixed RFID readers in terms of read accuracy, complexity and costs?

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